Brand strategy and creation

Stratforwardis a Business Improvement District (BID) supporting town centre initiatives aimed at bringing people into the town centre, encouraging them to stay longer, spend more and leave happy.Severn was asked to re-define Stratforward and re-engage a local audience that was going elsewhere for shopping, eating and recreation. Our primary research revealed that with over-reliance on tourism, Stratford was failing to engage with its local affluent, educated and mobile audience within a defined catchment area of between 20 and 30 minutes drive-time. Only 16% of BID members were found to be directly tourist orientated, and the town’s ‘offer’ had developed significantly over recent years.To address the audience’s disengagement and challenge pre-conceptions, Severn re-defined Stratford – morphing ‘Upon Avon’ to ‘Up on Everything’ from fashion, to food to cultural pursuits – to communicate that quality, choice, ease… everything shoppers and visitors could wish for was right here on their doorstep.Using a sophisticated colour palette as backdrop to product-heavy communications and via a mix of channels, Severn re-positioned Stratford, and turned missed opportunity into more trade for Stratforward businesses.

12 Brand strategy and creation

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