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Stratforward a Business Improvement District (BID) in Stratford Upon Avon supporting town centre initiatives aimed at bringing people into the town centre – wanted to attract a wider audience and encourage visitors to spend more (time and money) with Stratforward businesses.Recognising that there’s a certain, discerning kind of shopper that favours independent stores over the multiples and likes to support the local economy, Severn took quality representatives of Stratford’s business sectors and used them to personalise the commercial transaction by building a ‘Love Your Local’ campaign around them.In a predominantly direct mail postcard campaign, the butcher, the wine merchant, the fashion boutique and the cook shop owner – local ‘heroes’ within the business community, speaking with authority – challenged preconceptions about shopping in Stratford and through clever question and answer copy, offered insider tips on getting the most from a visit.So successful was ‘Love your Local’ that it progressed naturally into a ‘Show your Love this Christmas’ campaign.

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